Board Room Meetings

The Future of Board Room Meetings: Going Virtual

Want to get down to business right away? Right now, the best software for boardroom meetings is iDeals. Do you want to know how to go virtual with the best Board meeting software? Read the article below.

How to effectively prepare and conduct a Boardroom meeting?

Currently, when quarantine has become the norm, it is difficult to fly to another country to participate in training and other events. Assistance in organizing online forums and seminars began to take a leading position. This will reduce the cost of renting a large hall, and the time to meet guests from the airport.

The coronavirus pandemic has become a real test for many companies. On top of all the other economic challenges, COVID-19 has put the current meeting and board practices at risk. At the height of the pandemic, members of the board of directors were often unable to attend meetings in person – the question of how to conduct meetings remotely became increasingly relevant. Such situations clearly demonstrate the need to introduce modern digital technologies into the workflow.

Let’s face it: most meetings go down the drain due to the fact that the speakers (almost) do not pay attention to the involvement of the participants in the process. Being in the same room, we compensate for this by forced eye contact. Participants in an offline meeting feel somehow obliged to show interest, even while sitting on their phones. But in situations where it is impossible to provide attention through visual communication, speakers have to learn the basics of communication.

The best way to go virtual with the iDeals data room software

Due to the rapid development of innovative technologies, a new business tool has appeared – Board Room Meetings. This technology allows you to save on business trips, renting a hall, and other trifles that, if overlooked, can disrupt the planned event. However, a Board Meeting can be necessary and effective only if each participant understands its reason, knows what they will talk about, and can prepare in advance.

iDeals boardroom software is suitable both for software development, in particular for agile teams, and for projects in other areas. The app provides a workspace with various tools that teams can use to plan, set and track tasks, manage work, and generate reports. Interestingly, with the help of additional plugins, various functions can be connected, for example, the automated creation of a Gantt chart based on all your tasks.

Among the most distinguished features of for Board meetings are the following:

  • Free for personal use (not business).
  • Ability to set permanent access without having to enter ID and password every time.
  • You can record videos and communicate by voice/chat.
  • There is an option to configure access only to selected applications, not to the entire device.

Users can use the iDeals application both on a computer and on a tablet and phone. Any user can connect to a video conference using a link or a conference ID. The event can be scheduled in advance, as well as make a permanent link, that is, for permanent meetings at a certain time. To work with video conferences, your computer must be equipped with a video camera, microphone, and speakers. Laptops, tablets, and smartphones already have all of the above capabilities.