Download Psiphon Browser

Psiphon Browser will help you access any website you want on your iOS device. It is available for all devices and operating systems but now it is finally officially released for all iOS devices and you can download the Psiphon Browser and start surfing on the websites you love. You get lightning fast transfer speeds on this browser and no delays while loading webpages. There is no down time either and you do not have to worry about any limit that you may cross in terms of data usage because the browser is available for free.

Psiphon Browser has a very basic theme and anybody can use it and the best part about it is the size of the program. Psiphon Browser is secure and safe to use and it will protect your identity while you surf the blocked websites which may have poor security features and it works on all websites on the entire internet, there are almost no exceptions.

Psiphon is a very useful tool that gives you the power to access the blocked websites very easily through your device without having to wait any longer. There is nothing worse than living in a country where the government does not want you to access a bunch of websites that you so dearly love and iOS makes it even harder for you to install the apps you need or to visit the blocked websites and that is why you need the newest Psiphon Browser for iOS which is a complete package.

Download Psiphon Browser for iOS

  1. Download Psiphon Browser.
  2. Tap on “Install” and wait till Psiphon Browser downloads and gets installed on your iOS device.
  3. Tap on “Psiphon” icon on home screen and then navigate to Settings > General > Device and profile management and tap on “Trust Psiphon”
  4. Go back to home screen and run Psiphon, set it up and start surfing!

You will require minimum iOS 8 and later to run. iOS 11 is recommended. No jailbreak is required to run this app.

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