Download Psiphon for iOS

Psiphon is a very useful software for all those people who want to surf the web without any restrictions with all their devices. Most countries put restrictions on certain websites so the general people is not able to access them with their devices but Psiphon helps you fake your location and gives you way to access all the blocked websites. Psiphon is a free software that you can download on your device and install within seconds, the program is small and has a very basic operating system which is very easy to figure out and use.

There is no limit on how much data you can consume using the Psiphon app on your phone, you can surf and download as much stuff as you like from any website from the entire internet. Using Psiphon is super safe and the app makes sure your connection is secure so no one can track you. iOS is a very beautiful operating system but one major drawback of using iOS devices is that you can not customized your device the way you want and because of many safety related reasons, you can’t access a lot of blocked websites but Psiphon is here to change that.

If you have an iOS device which you want to use to surf blocked websites then Psiphon is the best way to go, it is safe, very easy to use, free and very fast and installation of the Psiphon app takes no longer than a minute on any iOS device.

Download Psiphon for iOS

  1. Download Psiphon for iOS (Supports iPhone, iPad and iPod)
  2. Tap “Install” and wait for Psiphon to finish downloading and it will automatically be install on your phone.
  3. Open the Psiphon icon on home screen, navigate to Settings > General > Device and profile management and tap on “Trust Psiphon”

Note: Requires minimum iOS 8 and later. No jailbreak is required.

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