Download Psiphon for iOS 11

PsiphonDigital Age has many transformations and today the time that you spent on the internet via smartphone or devices is much more than that of the social world, unknown programs and other digital entities in the online world know more than your friends or people surrounded by you.

Because the online tools are more interested in you and are always trying to keep itself know about the interest of yours.

You may think that it’s not serious but the reality is different. So break and bypass all this we can use many tools that hide our online identity and mask our personal details.

Tools like VPNs, proxy and other things help you manage this. SO today we have the best application in the market that solves this issues. That is Psiphon, Psiphon is multiplatform tools that allow you to mask your identity and surf the internet without any hassle.

Features of  Psiphon:

  1. Using Psiphon app you can use different types of server that is available on the internet to connect to get the page.
  2. You can use different countries on the available list to unblock the sites with no limitation.
  3. You can also have different language for app settings.
  4. Psiphon includes an inbuilt function to choose the default protocol for routing the network.
  5. Psiphon is available for the system such Mac, Windows, and Android etc.

How to Download Psiphon for iOS 11?

  1. Download Psiphon from our website.
  2. You will have the iOS app file downloaded into the system.
  3. You can navigate the file in the finder and click on the system file and install the app on the system.
  4. After you will need to mark the system as a Trusted application to run efficiently on the devices.
  5. Once you are done, you can easily run the app on the device.

Psiphon also supports older versions: iOS 9, iOS 10.

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