Download Psiphon for iOS 10

PsiphonHave you ever tried to access a website on the mobile or desktop and ended with a message stating that the page is not available in the location or blocked by ISP message.  Also few apps like Spotify and other are available in only a few countries and they are unable to access in the other countries. These are the restriction that is enforced by ISP, countries and the third party providers. As all Netizens, there should open internet to access the desired sites and unrestricted access to the information must be granted.

There are many organizations and other community that emphasis this, the support for the open internet is delivered via different tools such Proxy, VPN, network tunneling and much more.

Today we have Psiphon famous open source tools that take the open internet seriously provides services to access the blocked sites.

Features of Psiphon:

  1. Psiphon internally chooses the available options to route the internet connection via Proxy, VPN, and SSh.
  2. You can connect to different country servers for accessing the content via the browsers.
  3. You can also mask your identity when you are surfing via these platforms.
  4. The application routes all the network traffic in and out through this app.
  5.   You can modify the app based on the language of your country.

Download Psiphon for iOS 10:

Psiphon is available both for iPad and iPhone. You can get the respective app and install in the devices.

  1. Download Psiphon from our site.
  2. In the download page, you will have the option to download the app file to the device.
  3. After downloading you can browse through the finder and get the app.
  4. Click on the app to begin the installation process.
  5. You need to mark the application as trusted to begin the using the app.

Note: Additionally you can also download Psiphon Browser for iOS.

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