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PsiphonDo you feel like visiting those sites which are not accessible in your country? Well, do you know that even Facebook is not permitted to use in many countries including Pakistan? and Just like this, there are more sites which are banned in many countries and regions and people living there are helpless because even if they try to open it, they can get into some trouble. However, they don’t need to worry anymore about it. There is an app which can do wonders easily. How? Just download it and start using those sites which are not accessible to you. Talking about how to use it, well, the answer is quite easy. Basically, the app Psiphon will provide you the different IP Address so that you can use the site without being into any legal trap. It is safe and recommended app to use.

Features of Psiphon 89

  • You can visit any site through Psiphon.
  • It is 100% safe to use. You will be able to surf the sites without any fear.
  • It will not let your IP Address traced.

How to download Psiphon 89

To download Psiphon, you have to follow these small steps.

  • Click on the given download button in order to download the app.
  • Make sure to accept the terms and conditions so that you can download the app without any issue.
  • Also, you have to give the required permission so that the app can use it but don’t worry, it will not leak it.
  • Click on install the app.
  • Wait for some time until the app installs. Once done, use the app and surf the sites.

Download Psiphon



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