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PsiphonAn open source internet censorship circumvention which facilitates secure communication and obfuscation technologies in combination tool is Psiphon. It is centrally managed using the performance-oriented and single hop architecture through a diverse network of thousands of proxy servers.

Features of Psiphon 88

  • Psiphon has inbuilt VPN which keeps logs partially but not to the whole extent.
  • Its license was restricted to single device to facilitate secure connection.
  • It’s better interface is worth mentioning feature to attract users of today’s world.
  • Malware actions are completely fought by Psiphon through fighting censorship to provide open access to the internet.
  • Software technologies like VPN, SSH, HTTP proxy are used by Psiphon to provide uncensored access to the internet content.
  • It is free from all types of malware, spyware, trojans or viruses and this facility is only applicable to the latest version.
  • Content filtering systems which were used by governments can be managed by Psiphon to impose censorship of internet.
  • 2.0 cloud based secure proxy system can be supported by psiphon.
  • The runtime tunneling system of psiphon is 3.0 which is a cloud based runtime tunneling system.
  • It was mainly designed to serve internet users for a secured bypass from content filtering systems.

How to Download Psiphon 88?

Click the link given below in the article in order to download and install Psiphon in your device and enjoy access to the all the internet content free from content filters.

Download Psiphon

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