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PsiphonPsiphon is a censorship circumvention tool developed by psiphon Inc. in Citizen lab. It uses internet privacy tools such as virtual private network(VPN), Secure shell(SSH) and hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP). This connects to your device before entering the internet so as to allow safe browsing and prevents hackers to hack your movements. This app helps in accessing the contents that are restricted in certain countries for privacy reasons and helps to reach out to the online platforms that you have been searching from censored websites. The operating systems used are Windows, Android and iOS. This software grants the license of GNU General public license that allows the users to review, copy and modify the software so that it can be upgraded and enhanced. The source code is openly accessed by programmers.

Features of Psiphon 77

1. This app is freely available and registrations are not required.

2. Many servers are open and its safe.

3. Psiphon gives access to blocked websites and the speed is good.

4. Most important is that it is secured online and hackers cannot hack your IP address.

5. All the data that you search are encrypted and is unseen by ISP.

6. It serves as a great VPN tool if SSH doesn’t work.

7. It also displays the amount of data that we have used.

8. It also has a premium version and compared to other apps, it has the best VPN.

How to download Psiphon 77?

To download Psiphon, there is a button you can see here. Just click and download the app.

Download Psiphon

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