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PsiphonYou might have got annoyed with your country‚Äôs cyber law. Want to access restricted websites? Then you must try Psiphon. It is an app that makes it possible for you. Psiphon gives you access to all the websites without any restrictions. If you want to use any website which is censored or restricted in your country, you can use Psiphon to access it. This apps would not let you tracked by anyone. You can use the sites freely without any worry of being tracked. This app allots you a virtual IP address for this purpose, and that’s why you can never get traced.

Features of Psiphon 76

Psiphon has the following features-

  • It is an VPN based app that allows you to access websites with an virtual IP address.
  • It allows you to access blocked, censored, and restricted websites without any hassle.
  • You can choose the country you want and which suits you best in speed.
  • This app has east interface making it comfortable in use for all of its users.
  • Psiphon is available in different languages. Its multi language features allow all users to use it in their home language.
  • It gives you good speed of downloading and uploading.

How to download Psiphon 76?

Want to access all websites? Download Psiphon from the given below link and get the app in your device.

Download Psiphon

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