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PsiphonDo you want to visit to those restricted sites of your country? But whenever you think of visiting those, you always think about what if I get caught? Well, if that’s the thought bothering you, an app called Psiphon can help you. It is an app through which you can visit those restricted site without getting caught. It is totally a safe and reliable way and hence you should try download Psiphon in order to browse the site. Basically it is a censorship circumvention solution which will let you access even the blocked sites. The best part about Psiphon is that it is free of cost. You just need to download it and once it is downloaded, you can continue surfing the blocked sites of your country. Now let us see what are the new changes made in the version of Psiphon 70.

What’s new in Psiphon 70?

They have fixed the bugs.

How to download Psiphon 70?

Do you want to download it right now with some easy and simple steps? If yes, you can just scroll down and see the guide to know how to download the app.

  • Click download to the given download button here.
  • Once the file gets downloaded, give the required permission to continue downloading.
  • Install the app.

Through this easy manner, you can download Psiphon for fulfilling your cravings of visiting the blocked websites of your country. It is easy, safe and reliable. So if you have such requirements, download the app now.

Download Psiphon 

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