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Do you ever felt like visiting such sites which are restricted to visit? You must be thinking that since it is restricted, you can not really browse it ever in life. But not really, you can still have a chance to visit it. How? All you need is Psiphon.

Basically, it is a code open browser through which one can browse anything and everything on internet. Once you download this app, it will connect you automatically to the server whenever you start app and also, you will be allowed to use the website too. Now if we talk about being discovered, you really do not need to worry much as browsing the sites through this app is safe. It is no complicated thing. rather, it will be like your regular browser where you create the pages and add all those bookmarks. There is no drawback or bad site of this app Psiphon. Instead, it will allow you to ignore the censorship restriction and let you browse whatever you want.

Change logs of Psiphon 64

  • Minor improvements have been made.
  • Some bugs are now fixed.

How to download Psiphon 64?

Since you really want to visit those restricted websites soon, we have made it easy for you. Let us take a look at this easy guide of how to download the app.

  • Firstly, you need to click on the link we have provided here.
  • Download the file and also accept the terms and conditions given.
  • Once you do it, simply install the file in order to start browsing.

Download Psiphon

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