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PsiphonThere are some countries which have banned specific websites for being accessed. Even some have restricted social media websites. In such cases, people are not able to access them easily. Psiphon is an app that helps you in that. It is an VPN application that doesn’t restrict you from accessing any website, even if it is banned in your country. The app let’s you use these without being tracked by anyone. Amazing app isn’t it? Let’s now know more about its features.

Features of Psiphon 52

Following are the features of this VPN app-

1- It allows you to browse all the restricted websites without any problem.

2- It creates a virtual IP so that you won’t get tracked by anyone while using these sites.

3- It provides a fast downloading and uploading speed when using these websites.

4- Psiphon is safe and reliable app on which you can trust.

5- It allows you to make choice of the country so that you can get good speed.

Release notes of Psiphon 52-

Following are the release notes of Psiphon 52 version-

  • It has added a new option to connect the network using any ¬†specified HTTP Proxy.
  • Some minor fixes of bugs have been done in this version.

How to download Psiphon 52?

Want to remove restrictions on your browsing? Download the app on your device using the given below link. Install and enjoy your browsing.

Download Psiphon 

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