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PsiphonPsiphon 48 is an VPN app that gives you access to all those websites that are blocked in your country. ┬áIt wasn’t that simple before, but Psiphon makes it for you. It will allow you to use the censored websites without getting your IP tracked. The app is secure to use and of small size that wouldn’t take a much space in your device. If you are using free WiFi, threats wouldn’t be a problem for you as it keeps you safe. Here are the more details of app.

Features of Psiphon 48

Following are the features of Psiphon 48-

1- It is totally free, so it won’t ask you to spend money for anything.

2- It is secure. You won’t get tracked by anyone as it allows you to use virtual IPs.

3- It is Fast. The downloading and site uploading speed you will get in this app is good.

5- It allows you to access all the censored and blocked websites easily.

6- You can choose the country in the app.

7- It will do the work of three different apps, without taking your time that you would have to give in running three apps.

How to download Psiphon 48?

Want to download it? Here are the easy steps to download-

  • Click the below given link to start downloading.
  • Open the downloaded file.
  • Install properly and enjoy.

Download Psiphon

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