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PsiphonPsiphon is a free to use application that lets users browse the internet without any kind of restrictions. The app claims that it is made to support individuals and corporations fighting against authoritative regimes across the world. It is a Virtual Private Network (VPN) that provides access to uncensored and restricted websites on the internet. The company gives its services to organizations like the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Broadcasting Board of Governors (US) and the US State Department.

Features of Psiphon 145

  • Provides unrestricted access to the internet so users can browse without any restrictions.
  • It uses a highly secured and complicated web of networks so users can stay connected to the internet anonymously.
  • The data send over Psiphon is encrypted, and the identity of the user is protected so it that it cannot get detected.
  • No kind of registration or subscription is required to use the service. Users just need to download it and use it.
  • Psiphon is highly customizable, and users can modify it with their proxy settings.
  • It provides high-speed internet access to the user using an enhanced single hop architecture.
  • It is based on a secure proxy system and uses a cloud-based run time tunneling system.
  • The whole system is managed centrally through a group of diverse and complex proxies.
  • Various technologies including VPN, SSH, and HTTP Proxy are used to provide unrestricted access.
  • The application is easy to use and simple with an intuitive user interface, so even first the users can use it.

How to download Psiphon 145?

Want to browse the web anonymously? Get Psiphon here:

Download Psiphon

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