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PsiphonNo one likes restrictions. Probably, you are in the list too. Have you ever tried to visit sites which are restricted in your region? Do you want to access these? We have a solution for that, and i.e. Psiphon App. It is a VPN based app that helps us to access sites which are not directly accessible in our region. The app is untraceable, which means you won’t get traced when using the Psiphon app. This app would hide your identity and will let you use the sites which you were not able to use before. It provide high speed downloading too.

Features of Psiphon 129

Following are the features which Psiphon offers-

  • It gives access to restricted websites.
  • It doesn’t let anyone to trace you for those visits.
  • It allows you to choose country before visiting any site.
  • It offers high speed downloading.
  • It is available for multiple platform, hence can be downloaded in different devices.
  • The app is free, this means that you won’t need to pay any amount to use or download this app.
  • It provides you a virtual IP address.
  • The interface of the app is easy which makes it easy to use.

How to download Psiphon?

To download Psiphon, first click on the below link. It will download the apk file of Psiphon app in your device. Install it and use it.

Download Psiphon

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